S..... O..... U..... N..... D..... T..... R..... A..... C..... K
Salon II . 04.03.08 . Roxbury
CD no. 1


  Title Artist Album, Year
1 Snowflake Music Mark Mothersbaugh Rushmore Soundtrack, 1999
2 Sparkplug Minuet Mark Mothersbaugh The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack, 2001
3 Akron Meets the Blues Angelo Badalamenti Blue Velvet Soundtrack, 1986
4 If You Tolerate This, Your Children Will Be Next Manic Street Preachers This is My Truth, Tell Me Yours, 1998
5 Vapour Trail Ride Nowhere, 1990
6 We're Really Not Insane Peter Holmgren & John Jorgenson 2006
7 Theme From Don Kalyanji, Anandji Bombay the Hard Way - Guns, Cars, and Sitars, 1999
8 Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op Mark Mothersbaugh The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, 2004
9 Underground Curtis Mayfield Roots, 1971
10 Palabras Con Ritmo Coati Mundi Hernandez Downtown 81 Soundtrack
11 Future Days Can Future Days, 1973
12 Pure and Easy The Dining Rooms Six Feet Under Soundtrack, 2002
13 Look At That Old Grizzly Bear Mark Mothersbaugh The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack, 2001
14 Through Being Cool Devo New Traditionalists, 1981
15 Soul On Fire Danzig Danzig, 1988
16 Nem Vem Que Wilson Simonal City of God Soundtrack, 2003
17 Honky Tonk Part 1 Bill Dogget Blue Velvet Soundtrack, 1986
18 No Caminho Do Bem Tim Maia City of God Soundtrack, 2003
19 Estoria de Boca Antonio Pinto & Ed Cortes City of God Soundtrack, 2003
20 The Last Astronaut (Andy Votel Mix) Pram Somniloquy, 2001
21 Perfidia Dub King Tubby & Lee Perry Megawatt Dub, 1997