"The Ale Marys Unplugged" Play Salon Nouveau IV:

With guitarist/vocalist Debbie and bassist/vocalist Paula playing a pared-down set (sans drummer John) that was custom-tailored for the Salon Nouveau stage, Salon IV guests were treated to a performance with an intimacy not often found at other Boston music venues. Watching their Salon set with loyalty and enthusiasm were the Ale Mary's own die-hard fans, who were joined by a room full of new ones made at our July installment. Look for the Ale Marys at upcoming Salon Nouveau events, both live and on our comp CDs (Salon IV's disc features their "Enquiring Minds.")

To find out about when and where you can see the complete three-piece rock a bigger house, and to listen to or learn more about The Ale Marys, check out their MySpace music page: