They Said We Said Plays Salon IV (All images by Neil Rennie)
Taking part in their first Salon Nouveau on July 24th, Joshua Ferrao and Frank Evans of They Said We Said came out in full force for Salon IV. Offering not only their live set but two tracks for the Salon IV comp CD of local music, visual work from Joshua, and sound equipment for all of Salon IV's live performers, They Said We Said became major supporters of and participants in the Salon project at our fourth installment.
In their own words:

"Bringing together the fun back

With theatrics in tact;

Here are They Said We Said

Now finally on track.


With songs that provoke thought

Make one smile & heads moving.

Experimenting w/sound

While keepn’ them grooving


They all like to listen

The old and the young

From that folkie old codger

To that tattooed hipster scum


Our credo is our music

Our training is only some

We delight in that weakness

(For us) It makes for a better song


We know what they do

But we’re not so concerned

That they know they’re more able

But we will make the tables turn


Reveling upon ourselves

No one else could do any better

I speak only of our sound now

Having never followed the letter


We play this and all of that as well

Psychedelic excursions, colours and spells

Open your eyes by leaving them shut

Listening with ears

The sounds punching away at your gut


And if you feel ragged and beaten down to the earth

Reach up for the heavens

Clawing up…

To the sounds that you hear.


If you want hip shock tick tock

Clip clap or pap smear

In an aural jambalaya

Where nothing is clear?


Come one and come all

To hear us in their stead

Repeat if you will

They Said We Said"


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