H ..... I ..... S ..... T ..... O ..... R ..... Y
As the founder of Salon Nouveau Boston, I have begun to reasearch (more and more as the project develops) the history of the salon in society. The monthly events that I have begun recently here in Boston owe a large part of their inspiration to the European salons that began centuries ago as a way for people to gather and share ideas, coversation, artwork, and inspiration. I invite you to join me here on the Salon Nouveau History page to learn more about these groundbreaking events of the past and how they might, through research and rediscovery, help to inform newer, just as groundbreaking events in the future. Visit us here in the coming months to learn more about the salons of old while you're checking out info about the salons of the future.
-Rebecca Morrison
Salon Nouveau Founder/Hostess