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Salon Nouveau's fourth installment, in July of 2008, marked a significant step in our efforts to include music as a featured medium of our project. Having already offered our guests a series of "Salon CDs" at our first three installments, we decided to use this process to include Boston-area music as part of the work we share with salon guests and the creative community in general. Continuing our custom of producing a series of "Salon Soundtrack" CDs as souvenirs at our events, we began a new tradition: The Local Compilation Disc.

Searching local music venues and MySpace Music's pages for promising local and unsigned artists, we created our first Local Comp Disc for Salon IV, attempting to gain exposure for musical talent in the Boston area. An overwhelming response from local bands and musicians afforded us the opportunity to produce a debut compilation of unquestionable quality and diversity.

Each season, we produce a limited edition of 100 new CDs to be realeased at every Salon Nouveau installment. This project is a not-for-profit endeavor, funded by Salon Nouveau, fed by donations only, and aimed at creating awareness of local and upcoming talent. Our future goal is to increase production by furthering interest in and donations to the project.

We continue our quest to discover exciting musical talent from in and around the Boston area. Using our MySpace page as a way to link up the musical and artistic communities, we also continue to seek tracks for our seasonal "Local Sampler" comps. Check out our tracklists for information about Salon-featured artists, and visit our MySpace page for a calendar of upcoming live events.